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Hello in Chinese-Ni Hao

你好”(ni3 hao3, Hello) can be said to people whether you are familiar with or not. It is a sign of respecting others. “你好” is often said to greet people or before you ask other people questions. It has the same meaning as:
1. Hello!
2. Hi!
3. How are you?
4. How do you do?
5. Nice to meet you.
6.How is everything going?
NI HAO is a conventional greeting,here are some examples:
Chinese Pinyin English
你好,真巧啊! Ni3 hao3, zhen1 qiao3 a! Hello, what a coincidence!
你好,王小姐 Ni3 hao3, wang2 xiao3 jie3. Nice to meet you, Miss wang.
你好吗? Ni3 hao3 ma? How is everything going?
你好啊,朋友们 Ni3 hao3 a, peng2 you3 men. Hi there, my dear friends.