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Some Tips for You to Introduce Yourself

It is very important to introduce yourself to other people for the first time. For this will give others the first impression on you.
Being pleasant is incredibly important when introducing yourself. If you are gruff or your voice is harsh, you will leave a bad impression on other people. Smile when giving your name to the other person is always appreciated.
When you introduce to others, you might do as the followings:
1. Stand up straight. In the case that you are sitting or undertaking something else, cease immediately and greet the person.
2. Look at other people sincerely. Offer your hand and shake hands firmly.
3. Say your name when you are shaking hands, clearly and loudly. This shows that you are confident.
4. Produce a friendly statement. (Say, “Ni Hao”)
It is important to introduce yourself since it shows your capability to meet new people confidently. It can make other people feel cozy and leave a good impression on them. Knowing the way to introduce yourself helps you “break the ice” when meeting new people.
Introductions would be the first stage in a conversation. If you begin out on the right foot, it is far more likely that you'll possess a pleasant conversation. Make your initial impression a good one.
When you meet a person again, you will have to decide how you can re-introduce yourself. If it's been a long time since you have witnessed the person, or in the event that the person might have forgotten who you are, you may say “Hi, in case you forgot, I’m ….”
The last advice is that try to bear in mind the other persons’ name. Others will probably be impressed if you take time to remember them.