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Nv Han Zi is what we describe a girl who owns boyish characters, such as casual, great-hearted and independent, and she is totally irrelevant to tender or demure.


The word “Tuhao” has been popular unexpectedly in China recently, becoming the hottest topic during this period. It basically means “nouveau riche”.

2012 Network Catchword in China

There is a close link between network and real life. People tend to spill what they feel online, while those interesting things happened on the network will turn into topics for decorating life.

The Chinese Network Catchword with Pinyin

Learn Chinese,Start here wrote a note titled Network Catchword in China.

The Introduction of Internet Catchwords

In recent times, the network catchword perform an important role in people’s daily communication, that have integrated into many tradition mass media content.

Some Network Catchwords in China

There are more and more Chinese young people will use some network catchwords inn Today's Society.