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女汉子(nv3 han4 zi)
Nv Han Zi is what we describe a girl who owns boyish characters, such as casual, great-hearted and independent, and she is totally irrelevant to tender or demure.
In reality, those girls are mostly tall, slim and wisdom, sharing high sense of confidence and Uncompromising personality, they basically have a certain degree of economic capacity, which drive them to solve some problems in daily lives, some slight physical work is not a trouble for them, they are always wearing a smile.
As a Nv Han Zi, she resists dress, pink, laceor other feminine attire, and most of them can't make up, mostly wear causual clothes like jeans and plimsolls. The prefer to make friends with guys and has been accustomed to it. Those girls are good at social and are very laid in public and like direct conversations.
The standards of Nv Han Zi
There are 20 standards to distinguish whether you are a Nv Han Zi or not.
1. Sticking to it not asking for help if you can’t unscrew the cap.
2. Run naked at home if it is too hot.
3. Complaining about how hard to be a girl all the time.
4. Pouring chips into your mouth.
5. Using dirty languages on the Internet and daily lives.
6. Prefer to have hot pot in summer, even without air conditions.
7. Changing water of the water machine on your own.
8. Enjoying online games.
9. Skip washing your face if it is too late and go to bed directly.
10. Don’t like make-up or autodyne.
11. Easily to make friends with guys.
12. Enjoying crossing and shaking legs in public.
13. Thinking Shopping is troublesome.
14. Rarely visit a barbershop, nail salon or beauty salon.
15. Washing the apple and eat it without peeling.
16. Regularly avoiding washing your hair or face at home.
17. Carry the luggage by yourself.
18. You can’t bear the sight of girls that play the coquette.
19. Running after the bus even you are on high heels.
20. Feel comfortable to order a large bowl even with gentlemen'e presence.