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土 Tu3
豪 Hao2
The word “Tuhao” has been popular unexpectedly in China recently, becoming the hottest topic during this period. It basically means “nouveau riche”. Actually, “tu” means land and “hao” means rich. Those people you called “Tuhao” mostly become rich from poor very quickly—and don’t have good manners, like showing off their properties.

However, “Tuhao” isn’t a new word, it came out about 1500 years old, and beginning from the revolution times, this word began to be familiar by the public, and “Tuhao” referred particular to those cruel people who were tripping lands off from poor people at that time.
On September 9th, an activity of making friends with Tuhao showed up in Weibo, and then its popularity began to spread all over in China. There have been over 500,000 references in Google until November. Now, Oxford Dictionary even has considered collecting the “Tuhao”.

The world "Tuhao" has developed into an adjective, creating some new fresh words and network catchwords .  With the  release of gloden iphone 5S, the heat of "Tuhao" attracts people's eyes again.  They use the word "Tu2 Hao3 Jin1"(土豪金) to especially describe this serious of iphone5S, the oublic will consider the those users as rich and flaunt.  You can also call those game players "Tu3 Hao2 Ge1"(土豪哥) who owns hugh game currency and cater to blind consumption.  He2 Tu3 Hao2 Zuo4 Peng2 You2(和土豪做朋友) is very hot on internet, it is more like a black humor with a strong ironic meaning.
Now, look at it from the other side, calling someone a “Tuhao” has certain ironic meaning, you may sneeer him or her superficially, but is quite jealous in fact, which indicates the gap between the rich and poor, it is a kind of banter and self-mockery.