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What to Say When You Buy Things in China

When you pay a visit to China, you may find there are lots of special local products you want to buy. So here are some useful phrases for you when you buy the goods.
Asking for things
What a sales person says
"Can I help you?"
"Are you looking for anything in particular?" You may answer as the following sentences:
你们这儿有...吗?(ni3 men zhe4 er you3…ma?)
Do you have any…here?
我想要这个/那个…(wo3 xiang3 yao4 zhe4 ge/na4 ge…)
I want this/that…
你可以帮我吗?(ni3 ke3 yi3 bang1 wo3 ma?)
I wonder if you could help me?
我随便看看,谢谢。(wo3 sui2 bian4 kan4 kan4,  xie4xie.)
I’m just looking, thank you.
这个有别的尺寸吗?(zhe4 ge4 you3 bie2 de chi3 cun4 ma?)
Do you have this in another size?
这个有别的颜色吗?(zhe4 ge4 you3 bie2 de yan2 se4 ma?)
Do you have this in another color?
这个是什么做的?皮革的、丝绸的还是塑料的?(zhe4 ge shi4 she2 me zuo4 de? Pi2 ge2 de, si1 chou2 de hai2 shi4 su4 liao4 de?)
Is this made of leather / silk / plastic…?
这个多少钱?(zhe4 ge duo1 shao3 qian2?)
How much is this?
太贵了!(tai4 gui4 le!)
That’s too expensive.
我要这个。(wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge.)
I’ll take this.