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How to Solve the Mistakes

If you are a mandarin learner and have been lived in China, it is common and easy to make mistakes when you speak it. Here, in this article, you will see some examples and some useful sentences to resolve the embarrassment.
When I first went to Shanghai, my colleagues recommended a delicious food for me that is crab. They said "crab" in Chinese is "xie4". So, one day I went into a restaurant and said "wo3 yao4 xie2(the pronunciation of shoes)", but they couldn't understand me at all. I was standing in the restaurant, with crab on almost every table, but they still couldn't understand my pronunciation. Some body language cleared up the misunderstanding, and they said "O! xie4!" Now if you want to eat crab, don't tell them you want shoes.
If you are in this embarrassing situation, you don’t know how to pronounce the things you want, you can just say: 我要这个(wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge4, I want this one) or 我要那个(wo3 yao4 na4 ge4, I want that one). Body language is also a good way to solve the problem. The following sentences are some ways to solve the misunderstandings.
Chinese Pinyin English
不好意思 Bu4 hao3 yi4 si. Oh, sorry.
抱歉 Bao4 qian4 Oh, sorry.
你会英语吗? Ni3 hui4 ying1 yu3 ma? Can you speak English?
我要这个 wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge4 I want this one.
我要那个 wo3 yao4 na4 ge4 I want that one.