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Vocabulary of Banking

You might do some banking when visiting a Mandarin-speaking nation, regardless of traveling for pleasure or for enterprise.
Banks in big cities may have English-speaking staff, but never count on it. This checklist of typical banking terms will help, and you never always bring a Mandarin-speaking friend or colleague to act as translator.
For several transactions, you will need to present some identification. Always bring your passport or ID card to the bank.
Chinese Pinyin English
银行 Yin2 hang2 Bank
经理 Jing1 li3 Manager
柜台 Gui4 tai2 Counter
出纳员 Chu1 na2 yuan2 Teller
窗口 Chuan1 kou3 Window
存款 Cun2 kuan3 Deposit
提款 Ti2 kuan3 Withdraw money
开户 Kai1 hu4 Open an account
账户 Zhang4 hu4 Account
兑现 Dui4 xian4 Cash a check
换钱 Huan4 qian2 Exchange money
汇率 Hui4 lv4 Exchange rate
现金 Xian4 jin1 Cash
兑换支票 Dui4 huan4 zhi1 piao4 Cashier’s check
信用卡 Xin4 yong4 ka3 Credit card
身份证 Shen1 fen4 zheng4 ID card
签证 Qian1 zheng4 Visa