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Vocabulary of Hotel

Major Chinese and Taiwanese hotels almost have English-speaking staffs to assist travelers from Western countries. Hotels in out-of-the-way tourist destinations, even so, might not have anybody available who speaks English, so this listing of frequent hotel vocabulary can help you.
Make sure you practice these words and phrases effectively prior to your departure date. The hardest part about Mandarin vocabulary will be the tones, which might give a word diverse meaning. The right use of tones will make your Mandarin easy to understand.
Chinese Pinyin English
旅馆 Lv3 guan3 Hotel
普通房 Pu3 tong1 fang2 Room with shared bath
套房 Tao4 fang2 Suite
房间 Fang2 jian1 Room
双人房 Shuang1 ren2 fang2 Double room
单人房 Dan1 ren2 fang2 Single room
押金 Ya1 jin1 deposit
订房间 Ding4 fang2 jian1 Reserve a room
行李 Xing2 li3 Luggage
餐厅 Can3 ting1 Restaurant
停车场 Ding2 che1 chang3 Parking lot
叫醒 Jiao4 xing3 Wake-up call
服务台 Fu2 wu4 tai2 Front desk
沐浴 Mu4 yu4 Bath
电视 Dian4 shi4 Tv
电话 Dian4 hua4 Telephone
我预定了 Wo3 yu4 ding4 le I have a reservation.
我要退房 Wo3 yao4 tui4 fang2 I would like to check out.
电梯在哪里? Dian4 ti1 zai4 na3 Where is the elevator.
账单不对 Zhang4 dan1 bu2 dui4 The bill is incorrect.