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Vocabulary of Shopping

If you're looking for something particular when going to a Mandarin-speaking country, be sure you visit the right retailer. This list of frequent types of retailers will steer you in the appropriate route.
The generic term for "store" is "dian4" which is used for most small stores which sell common products.
Far more exclusive varieties of merchants (like jewelers) might be called "lou2" or "fang2" which approximately translates as "house."
Chinese Pinyin English
超级市场 Chao1 ji2 shi4 chang3 Supermarket
市场 Shi4 chang3 Market
杂货店 Za2 huo4 dian4 Grocery store
广场 Guang3 chang3 Square
面包店 Mian4 bao1 dian4 Bakery
花店 Hua1 dian4 Flower store
鞋店 Xie2 dian4 Shoe store
服饰店 Fu2 shi4 dian4 Clothing store
玩具店 Wan2 ju4 dian4 Toy store
书店 Shu1 dian4 Bookstore
文具店 Wen2 ju4 dian4 Stationary store
钟表店 Zhong1 biao3 dian4 Watches and clocks
印刷店 Yin4 shua1 dian4 Printing
银楼 Yin2 lou2 Jewelry store
五金行 Wu3 jin1 hang2 Hardware store
菜场 Cai4 chang3