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Vocabulary of Transportation

Given that Mandarin is one of the tougher languages to understand and to learn, give yourself enough time to study before your trip. With its tones and written characters, Mandarin might be much more challenging than other Western languages.
If you're able to master the tones plus a few straightforward phrases, nevertheless, doors will open whenever you pay a visit to China, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia, producing your go to all of the more rewarding.
This vocabulary list of traveling words and phrases will come in handy whenever you first arrive, and also for traveling close to the country.
Chinese Pinyin English
火车站 Huo3 che1 zhan4 Train station
汽车站 Qi4 che1 zhan4 Bus station
飞机场 Fei1 ji1 chang3 Airport
公车停靠站 Gong1 gong4 ting2 kao4 zhan4 Bus stop
飞机 Fei1 ji1 Plane
Chuan2  Boat
汽车 Qi4 che1 Bus
出租车 Chu1 zu1 che1 Taxi
火车 Huo3 che1 Train
Piao4 Ticket
登记证 Deng1 ji4 zheng4 Boarding pass
登记 Deng1 ji4 Check in
时刻表 Shi2 ke4 biao3 Timetable
登机门 Deng1 ji1 men2 Gate
护照 Hu4 zhao4 Passport
在哪里买票 Zai4 na3 li3 mai3 piao4 Where can I buy a ticket?