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How to prepare for writing Chinese Character

Writing method within a broad sense includes the approach to hold and use the brush to write characters. You'll find countless ways to wield the brush. I shall dwell only on the fundamental ways.
1. Prepare a Chinese writing brush.
2. Soak it in a cup of warm water.
3. Take the brush out when it is soft.
4. Hold the brush within your right or left hand. Holding the brush higher creates weaker, softer strokes whilst holding closer for the bristles produce strong, much more defined strokes.
5. Use your ring finger, middle finger and thumb to hold the brush.
6. Hold your elbow above the table.
7. Dip the ink stick in water and grind against the ink stone until the ink has an oily consistency.
8. Bottled ink: Pour ink into the ink stone.
9. Begin writing characters, tilting the brush utilizing the fingers, not the hands. Tilting the brush can add particular effects towards the character that might or may not be desirable.