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Why We Use Simplified Chinese

Language is the most important communication tool in the human society.

Simplified Characters and Traditional Characters of China

Simplified characters and Traditional characters of China

Traditional Chinese Character

Conventional Chinese characters (traditional Chinese: 繁體字; simplified Chinese: 繁体字; Pinyin: Fántǐzì) are those Chinese characters in any character set that doesn't contain newly created characte...

Evolution of Chinese Character

Chinese character is one of the oldest continually used writing systems which is still in use today. In 2003, some 16 isolated symbols carved on tortoise shells had been discovered at Jiahu, an archae...

Writing System of Modern Chinese Characters

Chinese characters possess a mystique that fascinates Chinese and non-Chinese alike. Admired for their elegance as well as the meanings (such as 'virtue' or 'sincerity') they represent, characters hav...