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Simplified Characters and Traditional Characters of China

Simplified characters, also known as simplified Chinese, generally refer to the China’s legal standards of the modern Chinese, which are relatively to the traditional Chinese characters. Based on the announcement in 1964 and the “Table of simplified Chinese” in 1986, the simplified Chinese is now widely used in most parts of China. Mao Zedong once said the approach of simplification should contain structural simplification of character types and significant reduction within the variety of standardized Chinese characters, which can be concisely stating the two parallel aims of simplification. In addition, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and other countries also used the simplified Chinese characters based on the implementation of the simplified characters.
The process of simplification of the Chinese characters had been developed by reducing the amount of strokes and simplifying the types of a sizable proportion of traditional Chinese characters. Some of the simplified characters have been determined by common cursive types embodying graphic or phonetic simplifications of the traditional types. Some characters were simplified by applying typical policies, for instance, by changing all occurrences of a specified element with a simplified version of the part. Different characters with the exact same pronunciation and identical meaning were decreased to one particular single standardized character. Last but not the least, lots of characters were left untouched by simplification, and are thus identical between the classic and simplified Chinese orthographies.
Traditional Chinese characters usually refer to those Chinese characters in any character set that contain no newly created characters or character substitutions performed after 1946. The modern shapes of traditional Chinese characters first appeared during the Han Dynasty, and have become stable since the 5th century.
Today traditional Chinese characters are currently used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and in Guangzhou, a large number of overseas Chinese online newspapers allow users to switch between both simplified characters and traditional characters.
Here is a table of both simplified characters and traditional characters.
Simplified Chinese Traditional characters Pin yin English
Nan2 Hard
Yi4 Justice
Guo2 Nation
Fei1 Fly
Long2 Dragon
Dong4 Move
Suo3 Lock
Fa1 Hair
Guo4 Go through
Qi4 Gas
Yang3 Itch
Wen4 Ask
Han4 Chinese
Xue2 Study
Shu1 Book
Jian3 Easy
Za2 Varied
Ge4 Individual