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Why We Use Simplified Chinese

Language is the most important communication tool in the human society, and as the symbol of language, characters is the most vital assisted language tools. Human require any tool for having high efficiency, so do the characters. The characters should be both simple with fewer strokes and fast-writing, and will not be confused with each other. It is these two requirements that resulted in the thousands of years of simplification of the Chinese characters.
Due to the long history of Chinese characters, and used by the majority of Chinese people in different areas, and also because the characters recorded by large number of books with the different typesetting, Chinese characters have developed into a very complex group: the quantity of the characters are very large, some of the characters have too many strokes. People who are learning Chinese characters find it hard to learn, recognize, write and use.
In the first half of the last century, a lot of people with lofty ideals thought it was the character that hindered the development of the culture and education, hindered the development of science and technology, and even the development of economy and prosperity of the country. They determined to carry out the reform of the characters and Chinese pinyin.
With the development of the history, progress of the society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the Chinese characters have changed a lot, and become much simpler. Judging from the history of human development those glorious nations with the immemorial hieroglyphs had finally been surpassed by those emerging countries with the simple symbolic characters. This means the complex system of characters can not fit the development and improvement of the society. So in recent years, China has dedicated to simplifying the characters to make them more adapt to the international development.
Next let’s see some simplified Chinese characters:
Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Pinyin English
Yi1 One
Er4 Two
San1 Three
Si4 Four
Wu3 Five
Liu4 Six
Qi1 Seven
Ba1 Eight
Jiu3 Nine
Shi2 Ten
Why we use simplified Chinese