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The Best Way to Input Chinese

Write pinyin. The pinyin will appear in the right-upper box. In the right-lower box, the tool will propose a list of character corresponding for the pinyin.
If the initial character proposed will be the one you intend to write, just press the "space" bar. The character will likely be displayed inside the left editor box
When the character you would like may be the 2nd, 3rd... just press the corresponding key (1), (2) of one's keyboard. The character will be displayed within the left editor box
If the list of character exceeds ten, then use the crucial "Page Down" "Page Up" of your computer.
1. To write 中国人(Chinese people), enter "zhong1guo2 ren2(space)".
2. To write 我要去旅游(I am going to have a journey), enter "wo3 (space) yao4 (space) qu4 (space)lv3you2 (space)".
3.To write 钓鱼岛是中国的(DiaoYu Island belongs to China), enter "diao4 yu2 dao3 (space)shi4 (space)zhong1 guo2 (space)de(space)".
4. To write 勤劳(industries), enter "qin2lao2(space)".
Some useful tools to input Chinese characters and Pinyin with tones.
·Use online Chinese input method
·Use online Pinyin input (with tone markers)
·Convert Pinyin with numbers Pin1yin1 to Pinyin with tones Pīnyīn
·Download Google Chinese input method 
·Download Sogou Chinese input method 
·Download Pinyinput method 
·Download Pinyin Builder
·Download Pinyintone
·Download Penless software, Help file.