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List of Chinese Radicals

Chinese characters might be decomposed into components known as radicals or bushou. Probably the most typically accepted table of radicals for standard Chinese characters consists of 214 entries. These 214 radicals were popularized back within the reign of Qing emperor Kangxi, who commissioned what's now generally known as the Kangxi Zidian, a character dictionary listing over 47,000 entries. Tables with fewer or greater number of radicals have been devised for simplified characters. Becoming capable to recognize the prevalent radicals help within the studying and recognition of new characters. Some but not all radical are total characters in their very own right. Some radicals have more than one type. Lastly, simplified characters have resulted in further variants.
In the following table, the English names were taken from the Unihan database, a database of international characters. The stroke count refers towards the principal form of the radical only.
Radical Pinyin English Name
heng2 horizontal
shu4 line
dian3 dot
丿 pie3 slash
yi4 second
jue2 hook
tou2 lid
ren2 man
jiong3 down box
mi4 over
bing1 ice
qu3 open box
dao1 knife
li4 power
bao1 wrap
bi3 spoon
fang1 right open box
bu3 mysticism
jie2 seal
chang3 cliff
si1 private
xi1 evening
mian2 roof
广 guang3 dotted cliff
gong1 gong1
ge1 halberd
ri4 sun
yue4 moon
qian4 lack
zhi3 stop
zhao3 claw
huo3      fire
mu4 eye
shi2 stone